“A good plan, vigorously executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”
–George S. Patton

We cut through the bullshit, through the flesh, through the bone, to the heart of it. We provide 20% of the services of a management consulting firm, ad agency and production company to generate 80% of the results in a fraction of the time. We are fast, iterative and fun.

We are not experts and we are suspicious of anybody who claims to be one. We work hard and smart to get our ideas into tangible form as quickly as possible. Because, in the real world, iteration is smarter than all of us. This is not humility. This is a fact.

A good time for a client to start working with us is when there is white space on the canvas — When they are launching something new, or relaunching something old.

Our work generally falls into one of two buckets:

ONE — A high-speed discovery/message development process called “Practical Branding”. It takes about a month. We facilitate sessions and do interviews, use secondary research, but generally don’t commission new research. We want to get a solid understanding of what’s going on and where we can play. Because (OPINION WARNING) any more than that at this stage is bullshit. The only way you know if your strategy works is to put it into practice.

TWO — Content and lots of it. Mostly video. Our work is faster, looser and more lively than most agencies. We don’t care so much about perfect images, we want human connection and strong messages delivered in interesting ways.


Patrick E. McLean, President

Patrick is that rarest of people, a creative who understands business. Clients he’s used both sides of his brain for include: Red Bull, McDonald’s, Bank of America, Transamerica Capital, Duke Energy, Moen, Adams Outdoor Advertising and Charlotte Pipe and Foundry.

In addition to being an award-winning creative director, he is a published author, a passable golfer and an instructor in the Russian Martial Art of Systema.