Helpful Guide to Potato Guns

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Pressurizing PVC Pipe is incredibly dangerous. It is not engineered to withstand the strain of compressed air let alone the explosive forces generated in a potato cannon. But how do you get that message to an unknown and unreceptive audience? You pose as a helpful, how-to video?

Ad Modern Brand Video

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When people think veneer, they often think “cheap and ugly.” These new collections feature a technical processes, dying and fuming, that provide a real point of difference and create gorgeous, modern pieces. The challenge is, how to explain the technical detail in a way that is easily comprehensible and inspires people to value the end result more.

Kincaid Furniture Brand Video

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Under relentless cost pressure, furniture makers have become very sneaky, using shortcuts that the average person cannot see, to make furniture that looks nice, but really isn’t. Kincaid is very different. The challenge here was how to convey the quality that comes from the attention to what are really technical details in a way that doesn’t bore, but rather inspires.

AAA Car Care

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AAA Carolinas is a pioneer in car club owned maintenance centers. Pioneers reap rewards, but they also catch arrows. While they had grown to ~25 locations throughout North and South Carolina, they were having problems sustaining business without promotional efforts. Strangest of all, AAA members, even those who lived closest, were staying away.

We conducted a full competitive and communication audit, did customer research and carved out a position that only AAA Car Care could own: Trust. Along the way, we uncovered the inefficiencies with their direct mail and member communications efforts. Then we created one of the most powerful campaigns they have ever done, “We Love Your Car.”

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Variable Frequency Drives

By | Duke Energy, portfolio

They wanted a sales sheet, but a sales sheet wouldn’t have solved the underlying problem — when technical people talked about VFDs, they made the benefit of the product unintelligible, even to other technically-minded people. After all, pulse-width modulation is only interesting to a very small subset of the population. So we created a way to explain the benefit in a metaphor that anyone could understand without having to think about it very hard.

Unlucky Burglar

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Home security systems have always been sold on the basis of fear. This pile-on, me-too sales and marketing strategy leads to communications and brands that interchangeable. This brand fungibility is okay for national players with money to burn on traditional media campaigns. For a rapidly growing, privately held regional company for whom cash flow is always an issue, this approach simply wasn’t working. We found a humorous way to attract customers that explained the truth that hides behind crime statistics and anecdotes.